2019 Trending: 5 Best Amazon Gadgets for Students

2019 Trending: 5 Best Amazon Gadgets for Students

There’s nothing like the beginning of a new semester. It is the ideal time to turn a new leaf over and set goals. As colleges and universities get deep into the spring semester, students can work with these gadgets perfectly for the budding scholar to achieve success. Whether you count to graduate or are still green at the edges, these devices will help you to make the most of your college experience.

From essentials to production technology, there are 5 gadgets for academics.

Number Five: Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook

The classic Moleskine notebook has just been upgraded. Take notes via pen and paper and easily convert them to digital with all of the Evernote app’s organizational and accessibility features.

Simply use the Evernote page camera on your smart-phone to translate from paper to pixels and take a picture of your notes. They are then stored in the app with a variety of organizational options, including customizable, searchable “smart stickers” for simple tags. Access your notes from any device and share them if you want — you could become the favorite study buddy for everyone.

Number Four: Bluetooth Coffee Maker

As much as we try to avoid them, it happens all night. With this Bluetooth-enabled coffee maker, arm yourself with plenty of study fuel at any hour. Download the WeMo app on your smart-phone and start brewing from anywhere — from the library or from your comfortable bed back home — even schedule repeat brewing sessions remotely through the app. Better yet? It brews a full pot in less than eight minutes. Your co-workers thank you.

Number Three: OtterBox Phone Charging Case

It’s a hectic academic life. Students cover a wide range of courses, internships, campus gigs, extracurriculars … So on and so on and so forth. Add an organizational element to this chaos, keeping your phone safe and joyful all the time. The OtterBox Resurgence case increases the battery life twice and automatically stops charging to save power. Like any OtterBox, it protects your phone from any obstacles that you will encounter.

Number Two: Heated Travel Mug

You have to use your Bluetooth coffee maker, but you run late for class now? You don’t have to burn your tongue or grab a precious Starbucks on the way; just take your valuable caffeine to this handy vessel. If you are traveling by car, use the car adapter to keep your Joe cup steaming. Once you have taken a seat in the lecture hall, connect it to the USB port of your laptop and sip away.

Number One: Philips Wake Up Light

As every college graduate tells you, after only a few hours of sleep, the worst thing about staying up all night to finish work is to get up the next morning. After all, nothing is worse than staying overnight to finish a job just to sleep in the class the next day. With a light waking up next to your bed, you can easily get out of your REM cycle. Philip’s light starts to light up approximately 30 minutes before your alarm starts to simulate a natural sunrise and the light will not turn off until you get up and turn the light off. 

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