Demonstrate your understanding of data, metadata, and information using an example?


“Demonstrate your understanding of data, metadata, and information using an example?”


Perhaps we did not ask the question as well as we could have here. What we are looking for is an example in a somewhat different context from what appears in the text. One possible example involves the strings 2/1/06 – 2/10/06. At first glance, this appears to include the dates from February 1, 2006, through February 10, 2006. However, in Europe, the dates are really January 2, 2006, through October 2, 2006. Without knowing the format of the dates, there is little meaning to the strings 2/1/06 – 2/10/06. As another example, consider a collection of “Customer Satisfaction Survey” responses as raw data. We can have terabytes of such data that would be worthless unless we have some sort of specification in a form of metadata that would reveal the true meaning of the responses. Only if we have such metadata that describes the data that has been collected would we be able to interpret customer responses and derive business value through information that could enable a business process to analyze and improve customer satisfaction.

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