How To Make Money On Chegg Tutors

How To Make Money On Chegg Tutors

Chegg, Inc. is an American online tutoring service that connects students to tutors all over the world. “How To Make Money On Chegg Tutors” The company was founded in 2011 and also the beta version of the website was launched in might 2012. The company’s owners had previously run a home-based tuition service. Then they decided to take it to the next level by developing a web-based online tuition system where students could connect to teachers without any restrictions on the location. Students can receive tuition on-demand or schedule an online session in two ways.

Become a Tutors on AnsTutors.Com

Become a Tutors:

In this guide, we will talk about the Teacher’s part because we want to make money as a tutor. The functionality of the website is very user-friendly, and it is very simple to connect and teach. The first step is to register as a teacher. Answer the question asked. Share your tutoring experience and expertise. Chegg verifies your identification and checks your academic records through your profile. It also helps them identify your strong areas so that they can place you accordingly in the subjects.

Once you have applied your application will be reviewed and the status of your application will be sent to you within a week. The duration of one week may also change based on the number of applications submitted. They will contact you with their lessons. Chegg also regularly notifies the tutors via e-mail with the latest educational opportunities. This is exactly what the Signup Page looks like:

Become a Tutors

You should also be sure that Chegg hires tutors according to the subject requirements. So, for example, if they have lots of good chemistry teachers working for them and your educational background shows you’re a chemistry expert then you may have considerably fewer acceptance possibilities. You will be notified by email about the status of your submission. If your application has taken more than 2 weeks then there could be another problem, as it usually doesn’t take long. In that case, you should re-check your email inbox and open the spam folder as well. If after more than a couple of times your application is not acceptable, you should create another email account for the request to be a tutor and save your education details in it.

Here is the link to register as a tutor online:

Eligibility and Criteria for Chegg Tutor:

Chegg requires the applicants to have some previous experience in teaching before they can teach on their Chegg site. Those who have no educational background information on their profiles were probably not given an opportunity during the selection process.

How Does Chegg Pay:

Chegg pays $20 per hour to its tutors as long as they spend the hour during a lesson with the students or write the student’s written lesson explanation. Both scenarios would count towards the hours of eligible payment. The number of minutes in a week will decide the rate of pay.

Online tutors are paid every Friday for all the lessons that have been completed since the last payment was processed. If a lesson is completed on Thursday before the day of payment, then the next week it will be paid. The payment method is Paypal.

Final Thoughts:

Chegg is probably one of the best online tutoring sites considering the ease of use of the web portal and the handsome payment structure. The best thing is that you can apply for a tutor anywhere around the world. However, the application process should not be taken too lightly as users will not be able to re-apply. Make sure that you provide your education information on your profile as possible. You would probably be able to compete with a large number of users. It always is best to mention in your credentials something special and visible. Give it your best shot and leap, because there’s nothing to lose.

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