Terms of Service


User agreement:

The terms and conditions page here is a legal and binding agreement between you as a user(s) and AnsTutors. By using AnsTutors, you hereby confirm that you accept these terms and conditions and are ready to abide by them.

In AnsTutors.Com user agreement:

The word Expert has been replaced by Tutors. A Tutor is a user that offers services and provides work to the Students.

The services provided by Tutors can be charged at a fixed price, a price per hour, and a price per milestone. These services delivered are known as projects.

Students can break his/her project into various parts known as milestones to manage the project more efficiently.

On initiation of the Project, the student pays funds to the AnsTutors escrow.

AnsTutors Escrow is the internal banking system introduced by AnsTutors.com to regulate the proper and unbiased flow of cash to the concerned party. Money is released to the Tutors by these terms and conditions.

Tutors can create an invoice after the completion of the project to request students for fund release.

Funds from the escrow account transfer automatically to the Tutors account once the invoice is being paid by the Students.

Students must pay within 7 days of work completion; otherwise, the payment will be transferred to the Tutors automatically.

All payments for the completed projects must go via AnsTutors. Any payment transfer outside AnsTutors will lead to the permanent account suspension of both the students and the tutors. In case of AnsTutors balance is not utilized or not requested until after 180 days of the deposit, such funds are non-transferable and AnsTutors is not liable to honor any request to refund after 180 days have elapsed.

The Tutors must provide regular updates of the project in the workspace.

Workspace is the session between students and tutors where all their interaction happens in private. They can upload files, make payments, request a refund, or raise a dispute concerning a job.

Tutors must provide the work on the workspace within the allotted delivery time decided at the time of hiring at the workspace. Late submission from the tutors will be penalized under AnsTutors policy statement.

Users, both tutors, and students will be penalized for the cancelation and refund of the project without a valid reason.

AnsTutors provide updates, news announcements, service messages, notices and offers to users regularly through email alerts. If a user wishes to cancel these updates, he/she can easily unsubscribe from email notifications using the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of the email or in user account settings.

User is the professional individuals/tutors/business/student or anyone who uses or visits the website.

Website means the website available at www.AnsTutors.com along with its tools, applications, and features provided by anstutors.

AnsTutors platform:

The AnsTutors is a platform having expertise in knowledge-oriented exercises where students can have the freedom of learning and acquiring knowledge for self-education. 💫

AnsTutors provides a Tutors marketplace for Students and Tutors to work with each other and empowers them to buy and sell the services. AnsTutors is the main service provider for both students and tutors. AnsTutors offers opportunities to talented people to expose their skills at an online web portal and earn without any hefty schedules and work timings. Students post a project and tutors bid on the project. If they agree between themselves, student hires tutors and pays once the job is completed.

Who is eligible to use AnsTutors?

AnsTutors is a marketplace that offers services to all legal entities. The user of the website must be at least 16 years old and sensible enough to fulfill the binding contracts with other users and the website. Suspended users are not eligible of using AnsTutors.

Fee and charges:

AnsTutors does not charge any registration fee or membership fee. However, there is a nominal fee for different services like featuring a project, sealing a project from public view, etc. AnsTutors charges 8% in service charges.

Breach of intellectual property rights:

AnsTutors ensures that the intellectual property rights of every user remain intact. It is our policy to take notice of fraudulent activities by receiving feedback from users regularly. If you feel your intellectual property rights have been breached, feel free to contact us at admin@AnsTutors.com.

Implementation of agreement and policies:

Agreements and policies of AnsTutors are meant to be followed. If any user breaches the agreements and policies, AnsTutors has every right to restrict, suspend, and even terminate the account of the user without any prior notice. If your AnsTutors account is terminated, you will not be granted access to any part of the website. Once terminated, you cannot enter the website with any other new account. AnsTutors has strong measures to track your identity as a suspended and terminated user. Apart from the violation of policies, AnsTutors can also suspend or terminate a user account if they fail to verify or validate their identity.

User acknowledgment of AnsTutors role:

AnsTutors users acknowledge and understand the role of the website as a web portal where users act as students and tutors. Neither students nor tutors are employees of AnsTutors. The service provided by tutors is entirely their own. If the final quantity or quality or provided service is unlike that which was promised, AnsTutors will not be held responsible for that misrepresentation. The tutors are not representatives of the company; hence the company is not responsible for their acts.

User contract:

Upon selling anything to a student, and if the student accepts your service request, you are deemed as entering a user contract under which you as a tutor sell service and the student buys services. You agree to provide the services with the full obligation to the other user and, if you do not, you will be held liable to that user. You acknowledge that you are aware of domestic laws, international laws, state laws, regulations, and policies that affect you as a student or tutor. Both students and tutors must agree that the user contract only is a relationship between both parties as a self-governing contract. There is nothing in this user agreement or user contract which states the relationship status as a partnership, joint venture, and employment relationship between users.


Parts of the website will display rates in the local currency of that website, in addition to the actual amount. These rates are based on a conversion from the originating currency using indicative market exchange rates. You hereby understand and agree that these rates are only indicative and the amount specified in the original currency is the actual amount. As a convenience service, you may withdraw funds from the website in another currency. If you wish to do so, you will be quoted an exchange rate that will be available for the time specified and you may choose to accept or not. We may charge a fee for effecting the currency conversion transactions. This fee will be embedded within the rate provided to you and the currency exchange will be settled immediately.

We reserve the right to reject any request for a conversion of currency at any time.

You are responsible for all risks associated with converting and maintaining funds in various available currencies including, but not limited to, the risk that the value of these funds will fluctuate as exchange rates change and this could result in a decrease in the value of your funds in aggregate. You must not use or attempt to use the website to engage in speculative trading, which could result in substantial losses. We are not a financial services provider. All information included on the Website in respect of currency conversion is general information only. Use of currency conversion is at your own risk. Currency conversions are final and irreversible.


The users of AnsTutors must inform website authorities regarding any suspected activity they may find on the website. Unauthorized access to the website and breach of security can harm your AnsTutors account and our services. You are held responsible to protect your AnsTutors password. You are the responsible entity. We will not be liable for any action arising from unauthorized access to your account.


You consent to receive notices and information from us in respect of the website and its services by electronic communication. You may withdraw this consent at any time, but if you do so we may choose to suspend or close your Account.

Closing an account:

You may close your Account at any time by contacting our customer support or emailing us at info@anstutors.com. Closing an account is subject to: not having any outstanding listings on the website; resolving any outstanding matters (such as a suspension or restriction on your Account); and paying any outstanding fees owing on the Account.